Online Red Tent Goddess Temple
Online Red Tent Goddess Temple

Welcome to Online Red Tent Goddess Temple

Tap Into Your Feminine Flow & Embody Powerful Ancient Practices in a Loving Sisterhood

About Us

Red Tent Goddess is a Global online (and in-person) membership-based sisterhood for women who are learning to accept and love all parts of themselves, mind, body, and spirit. We offer monthly moon circles, masterclasses, rituals, and practices in sisterhood to cultivate the divine feminine.

Why You Should Join Us

Join A Women's Community Filled With Love & Support.

Our sisterhood will help you to learn to:

🌹 Embody your feminine more deeply
🌹 Manifest your desires with the moon
🌹 Strengthen your connection to your intuition
🌹 Live in harmony with the natural cycles
🌹 Deepen your self-love practice
🌹 Strengthen your connection to other women
🌹 Receive support, empowerment, and so much more.

The Free Online Red Tent Temple:
🌸 Enjoy a Divine Feminine App to Gather in a Safe Container
🌸 A place for you to dip your toes and learn about the basics of the Divine Feminine Journey with a group of sisters.
🌸 Enjoy Free Masterclasses by our Premier Red Tent Goddess Members
🌸 Enjoy Red Tent Movie Nights. A feminine empowerment movie a month.
🌸 Discover Topics such as Cyclical Living & Self Love Practices
🌸 Connect With Women Around The World

The Red Tent Goddess Sisterhood Membership is $27.99/Mo. 
(For a Limited Time. Price Increasing Soon) 
For less than a dollar a day, you get:

🌹Red Tent Circles (Near the New Moon on Tuesdays)
🌹Full Moon Wild Women's Circles (Near the Full Moon on Tuesdays)
🌹Create a Masterclass that will be shared throughout all of our platforms
🌹Join our private Signal Group, create instant sisterhood, make bonds for life, and have a group of supportive sisters that will always be here for you
🌹SAVE THE EARTH: Have a tree planted in your honor EVERY MONTH
🌹Become a Red Tent Initiate & Learn Ancient Wisdom
🌹Become a Modern Day Priestess
🌹Dive Deeper Within & Throughout With Divine Feminine Practices
🌹Embody Cyclical Living: Receive a monthly theme associated with the corresponding cycle to expand and transform month to month. (COMING SOON)

What Members Are Saying:

"I love this sisterhood! Everyone is so nice and so talented. The master classes are off the chart and the moon gatherings are where it's at. The information and processes we are learning are so incredibly sacred and beautiful. I am so honored to be here with everyone. I am so grateful for Claudia and Jaslin's leadership. Come and join us!!!!"

Lisa Rene
Founding Member

"This has been a loving place for me to grow and support others with my own gifts & living experiences and so much more. Thanks to this sisterhood, I have been able to accept parts of myself and my feminine side that were rejected and denied for many many years! I love myself more than ever and it is a beautiful community for any woman!! I am so amazed by the love, learning, and connection!"

Claudia Nieves
Founding Member

“My experience has been phenomenal. The Red Tent is my spiritual family I couldn't be happier. My favorite day of the week is Tuesday because that's when I get to see all of you. I haven't missed an event. . Love, Love the Red Tent and love Claudia and Jaslin.”

Lisette Akashic
Founding Member